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e, the 14-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, pole vault world record keeper Isinbaeva, NBA star▓ Manu Ginobili and the Argentine soccer team all went s▓hopp

ing at Silk Street. Visitors from home and abr▓oad poured into old restaurants such as Quanjude and Bianyi▓fang to taste the special-flavored duck. Quanjude resta▓urant ch

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tors totaling ▓more than previous records set during Golden Week holidays and Spring Festivals. On one night, people lined up outside the Quanjude restaurant at Hepingmen amounted to 400. Another chain restaurant Bianyifang sold more than 580 roast ducks

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ales were up 30 percent compared with the same period last year. An Australian newspaper even speculated that the roast duck helped swimmer Libby Trickett win her gold medal as she could not stand a meal without it. Reporters learned fr▓om the Tourist Industry Development Conference of

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rict, held on March 11, that in order to complement its winter tourist resources, Huairou is act▓ively preparing for building a "Big Cheerful World" theme park which features the landsca▓pes of the waterside towns in southern Chi▓na. Jiao Anqi, the dire

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of the Tourist Bureau of Huairou District, said that Huairou Distri▓ct's characteristic brand of rural touris▓m has become even more outstanding in 2009, and now▓ if you come to tour Huairou, you will have more choices than the two old traditions of e▓ati

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and walking around the two valleys. If you want to experience some international culture, you can stay at the "International Posthouse" of the Mutianyu Small Garden Restaurant. If you are interested in the Mother Nature, you can come to the "landscape families" at the Babaotang Villag

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emple Town. If you just want to relax and have leisure time, you must come to the "Goose and Duck Rural Villa." If you want to experience the Manchu nationality's unique ethni▓c culture鈥?The emergence of these tourist items has m▓ade Huairou's tourism